What the Inspiration of Laurel Burch Totes Reveal

The images of cats, birds, butterflies, horses, blossoms, dogs, and even fish create beautiful pieces that are timeless. Whimsical patterns and even the names for them bring a smile. Mythical Horses, Kindred Spirits, Fantastic Felines and Feline Tribe carry weight on the back of the spirit animal. Revealing an internal motivation to buy all the designs, because choosing only one is impossible for the individual, is the genius of Laurel Burch.

Ocean Songs and Celestial Dreams in the past meant surrendering to a creative theme leading to A Brighter Place. Modern versions of these would remain in great contrast to pink Cats and Butterflies playing with purple and orange highlighting the Three Amigos and Zig Zag Dogs and Doggies mix with Laughing Mares and Embracing Horses. It is the magical world of Laurel Burch after all.

The practical use of these totes to carry all our things makes sense made with materials of cotton canvas. At best, it suspends practicality for belief in the artistry seen in the multi-colored textures on the outside. The antique brass hardware, the fabric logo sewn on the side, and the beautiful wooden charm hanging from the handle all inspire personalized artistic creation that a gorgeous medium and magical artwork together create. Even the ribbon accent on the front does not reveal the entire creative spirit.

Almost in jest, the removable bottom inside the totes speaks to the practical design of being roomy and spacious. The ability to carry all essentials on one’s arm tempts the beautiful pattern of the blossoms to reappear with each new use. When mesmerized with bold colors, whimsical patterns, and singing frogs, who needs practicality.

Geometric and Dot Prints appear on the back and bottom of each Laurel Burch bag. The care label on each bag reveals the sequence, beads, and other embellishments on the front to make sure that the colorful geometric pattern on the back does not distract and allow placement in the machine washer.

Vibrant colors will get the attention a variety of people wherever the bag travels. The company produces visually appealing totes. Before reaching the customers, each Laurel Burch product is subjected to stringent quality control measures.

The quality of the product when choosing Laurel Burch totes shows in the artwork and the highly personal quality of her messages and her worldview. The more important part of the broad and enduring appeal is her own inspirational life story. Not many people can create such success as those who follow their dreams. For some, it is the definition of pursuing those dreams.

Inspiration comes from many places. A designer carries within them the exhaustive range of qualities of that work. The creative part of an artist reveals new fashion, and practical materials show the timeless appeal that has been left with the world. The popularity of these totes demonstrates that it was a great idea and choice to share talent in a way that would transcend time.

Widespread appeal and broad popularity are not easy goals to accomplish, but when factored in with inspiration become more realistic. Realism is overrated. Considering that mythical world is still with us today in beautifully rendered artifacts from her collection that exhibit timelessness, that appeal will continue for many years to come.

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Kate Spade Shoulder Bag Carries Appeal of Authentic Artistry – What to Look For to Know

One of the reasons for this success may be the luxury of the products themselves. No one wants to spend a great deal of money to find out that the pretty purse they bought, they thought was hot, was not. Defining quality in the world of fashion, particularly within this arena, means looking for the best of the best. What separates a fashion icon from the others and makes them shine is also what defines them.

Women jump at the chance to own Kate Spade. With a limited supply of each piece released to the public, keeping up with trends, fashion releases, season previews, and special promotions can pay off with the purchase of that perfect prized possession. Classic designs, sophisticated style, and quality in craftsmanship imbue their products with confident comfort.

A Kate Spade label means that this shoulder bag will not just have a beautiful design; it will also feature hardware plated in 14 karat gold or similar, real leather handles and be lined with taffeta or another luxurious fabric. Each is handcrafted and is definitively tagged as the designer’s work. Basically, one needs to know what constitutes an original and authentic piece of craftsmanship before purchasing.

First, look for an authenticity tag sewn near the bottom left, inside the zipper pocket. In addition, “Kate Spade New York” should be blind embossed on the license plate on the front and also embossed on the bottom of the bag, with the logo stamped on the stud hardware. A popular symbol usually associated with card playing, the spade itself is visible on almost anything associated with this brand. Be careful not to accept an item as genuine based on the logo alone.

Top of the line options inside include beautiful bi-webbing on the front, leather trim, care card inside the side zipper pocket, large side zipper pocket(s), cell phone/multifunction pockets, custom woven suite spot lining, and very roomy interiors. Features include sturdy zipper closures, four protective feet on the bottom, and elegant double zipper pulls. Each can be carried on the arm or on the shoulder.

The outside could be anything from quilted and purple to a stunning leopard print to patent cowhide leather. Animal prints, bold colors, classic leathers, unique shapes and original designs are all part of the Kate Spade brand. Whether quilted or classic, hobo, shoulder, or satchel, owning such artistry creates a personal reflection like a self-portrait for that owner.

When looking for a designer bag, always take the steps to ensure it is authentic. After all of the steps are checked off and that review has been completed, quality has been confirmed. Only trusted retailers and reliable online stores should be considered when purchasing designer goods. Once a trusted online retailer is found, never let them go.

If owning a designer handbag failed in the past because the price tag was thought to be out of range, now is the time to splurge a little. Buy that head turner, which will soon be sold out everywhere.

Be the envy of everyone that arrived at the boutique too late to snag the last Kate Spade shoulder bag. Be the one that carries the latest in fashion on one proud shoulder while walking through the crowd waiting outside the store. Then smile all the way home.

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Baby Brain or BirdBrain!


This article throws light about a stage of my life that almost every mother goes through. Recently, a term “Mommy Brain” is quite prevalent these days as researchers continue exploring diverse areas of medical or, psychological streams. I would highlight how or, when “Mommy Brain” or, “Baby Brain” or, “Pregnancy Brain”, various terms used for this syndrome, started and how was I able to cope with it. Currently, no vivid evidence or, explanation is present anywhere. It’s mostly amusing moments shared by numerous mothers. I’ll be sharing my own through this article.

Journey to Mommy/Baby Brain

Life was going smooth. One day I got up from my bed as soon as the door bell rang in the morning. I opened the door and clutched its handle. Everything was hazy in front of my eyes for around 30 seconds. I couldn’t make out the person standing in front of me except the voice. “What happened, madam?” asked my maid. “Nothing,” I said. Unsurprisingly, it got confirmed that I’ve entered into the journey of expectant moms!

Morning sickness, urge to have delicious food all the time, tiredness etc were some of the usual symptoms not unknown for me. Like any curious mom, I read about various stages of pregnancy on the Internet along with the diet. There was one thing, which was completely overlooked and I didn’t give a second thought to it. My thought itself had got disturbed!

Everything got changed in my life. I hardly realized that my same house itself would feel completely new when I first entered it with my new born in lap. I felt as if I’m entering a new house even though I was acquainted with it. My brain had turned foggy!

Mommy Brain Events

I came across “mommy brain” term long before when I was at the edge of overcoming it. Initially, I thought that something permanently has gone wrong with me and got disturbed about it. It shook my confidence as well to some extent. It was not until I crossed that stage, I got my confidence back. Recollecting those moments make me realize how funny they were. I’m sure it’ll be the same for readers as well.

Before I start explaining about this peculiar term, let me share some of my experienced incidents, which are not airy notions spouted at all. It was my third trimester, when I went into the kitchen to boil the water, kept the utensil containing water on stove and retrieved back to my bedroom to take some rest. After 10 min when I went back to the kitchen I was clueless for water not getting boiled. In that confused state, I called up my husband to check what the issue was. Nevertheless, he quickly pointed out by staring at me in a sarcastic manner that water can never boil when the utensil is kept on stove without the burner on!

Post-partum memory loss was also believed to be one of the peculiar episodes. I opened the door of my house to receive the courier. The courier person gave me the sheet to sign it. He pointed out with his finger the exact column, where I was supposed to sign. After having a look at that column, I looked up at the person and gazed at him trying to remember my signature! He thought that I was having some doubt about it and clarified that I need to sign it. Gladly in that short span of time, I was able to recall my signature!

Probably the last subtle humorous occasion that I can call to mind was when my child was 3 years old. I went for his admission in school, where I was given the form. I quickly filled by child’s name and Date of Birth. As soon as I filled DOB of the child, I realized that I had put down my own! I glued my eyes to the form for whole one min and couldn’t recall his complete Date of Birth! Finally, I had to apply below formula to extract his Year of Birth as thankfully, I remembered his Date and Month of Birth:

Year of my marriage + 2 = My child’s Year of Birth

Mommy Brain

These events surely head us to the fact that becoming a mother does change not only her life and body but also her brain! Recent researches highlight the fact that hormonal changes in pregnancy and childbirth could affect brain function later in life. The phenomenon of forgetfulness or, spaciness is referred to as “mommy brain” or, “momnesia”, when it’s after giving birth or, “pregnancy brain” or, “baby brain”, if it’s during pregnancy. The process is permanent – brain alteration and not the brain fog. It’s a frustrating hallmark of pregnancy and motherhood. “Pregnancy and motherhood are life-changing events resulting in marked alterations in the psychology and physiology of a woman,” Dr. Liisa Galea said at the University of British Columbia. It makes difficult to sustain focus on any work. A mother is unable to manipulate and organize incoming information effectively. We know that a mother’s body changes visibly and hormonally during pregnancy and motherhood but changes inevitably happen with the mind as well.

Some of us might have heard from our mothers or, grandmothers during the time of pregnancy that it’s easier to give birth to a child that to raise it. I believe it’s equally difficult to give birth as well. With the neurological, psychological and hormonal changes in the body, mother’s brain circuitry is definitely impacted. No matter how hard a mother tries, she feels fuzzy and tongue-tied. Brain structure and function is changed on account of small but significant increase in the volume of gray matter. Brain areas such as hypothalamus, amygdala, parietal lobe and prefrontal cortex are seen altered. These areas of brain are the “motivation” areas and are responsible for emotion, reasoning, judgement, senses and reward behavior. It’s believed that such a change in “reward” centers of the brain lead to “protective” behavior of a mother, which urges her to more nurturing and bonding with her baby. This doesn’t mean that capacity of the brain is altered. A mother’s IQ doesn’t change but her priorities do!

Symptom of any syndrome poses an obvious question, which is to know the reason behind it. Why does a mommy brain exist? Is it solely because of the cocktail of hormones? Yes, but mommy brain is a byproduct of lack of sleep and utmost demand of caring the newborn – sleep being the most important. Any healthy person’s brain function, even if she’s not a mother, will get impacted if she’s suffering from chronic and relentless sleep deprivation. When a woman is not getting enough sleep and multi-tasking, then her memory cannot be sharp. Surging hormone levels and new priorities could contribute to sluggishness. Besides forgetfulness, irritability, mood swings, depression and anxiety also form symptoms for mommy brain. This syndrome of impaired memory could also affect cognitive performance particularly with complex “executive” brain functions like multi-tasking, planning, organizing etc. Louann Brizendine, MD, director of the Women’s Mood and Hormone Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco, says, “Women accumulate up to 700 hours of sleep debt in the first year after having a baby, and that causes the brain not to be at its best for things other than caring for the baby.” Even the fragmented sleep which a new mommy gets is not sufficient because she’s not getting deeper or, more restorative stages of sleep. “Disrupted sleep patterns can cause a rise in cortisol levels,” says Jens Pruessner, director at the McGill Centre for Studies in Aging. Cortisol is a steroid hormone or, the more popularly known as “stress” hormone. Pregnant and post-partum moms have an excess of this hormone, which is necessary for fetal development and to give them the energy to endure the strains of giving birth. Cortisol not only provides energy to cope with any increase in demand or, any threat at hand but also shuts down the areas in the brain that would allow a person to think more clearly. This explains how a mommy cannot get back to sleep in the middle of night after soothing the baby to sleep again.

Some researchers also consider mommy brain as myth. Some claim that foggy-headedness goes hand in hand with motherhood. Many experts believe that it’s no longer a myth and attribute it to the upheaval of hormones, interrupted sleep patterns and/or, the requirement to quickly learn a wide array of new skills and tasks in order to take care of their babies.

I liked following hilarious quote while learning on mommy brain:

“Some people may think that I’m forgetful. However, I’m suffering from BMS – Busy Mom Syndrome.”


As mentioned by Ronda Byrne in “The Secret”, the more we think about something, the quicker Universe gives it back to us. So, for all those mothers out there, the more they are going to worry about mommy brain, worse would be the impact of it. Instead of worrying they can try following ways to lessen the influence of it:

Jot down points, whenever needed
Stay connected with friends or, join a community/book club etc
Try to take a good night sleep
De-stress yourself with yoga or, simple deep breathing relaxing mechanisms or, painting or, any other hobby of yours
Eat balanced diet emphasizing on fruits, vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, turmeric etc
Do less and do not focus on all the aspects of life. Cut down things, which you need to remember
Be physically active like walking, stretching, swimming etc
Lead a routine or, structured life by making every day activities as much well-organized as you can
Try some of the brain workouts like brain teasers, puzzles, logic problems etc. It’s preferable to learn some skill completely opposite of one is good at. Example, one can do drawing and painting even if she’s a bad artist

There’s nothing embarrassing about any of those “mommy brain” moments but to feel proud of being a woman who can perform one of the toughest jobs of the world, which is taking care of a baby!

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5 Fabrics That Scream Summer

Indian summers are blazing hot and thus call for apparel that keep you fresh and feeling good always. While giving the spotlight to fashion and style, contemporary Indian ladies cannot compromise with comfort and convenience. One such apparel that offers you comfort and style both is the traditional Indian salwar kameez. Hence, online designer suits in comfy fabrics become the ultimate choice for women. Salwar suits, kurtis and kurtas in India are loved for their gorgeous designs, delicate patterns and contemporary silhouettes. They are a beautiful mélange of the local and the contemporary and offer us the best of both worlds. While designer suits online shopping offers you a whole lot of variety to shop from, it’s always good to do a little homework before going ahead. Here are the 5 suits fabrics that scream summer-

1) Cotton

What better than cottons to begin the sultry hot weather with! Come summers and cotton becomes a rage amongst designers and fashion lovers. Designer cotton kurtis are loved for their lightweight quality and soft texture. This breathable fabric protects you from the unbearable heat and keeps you smelling fresh all day long. It also prevents our skin from allergies and rashes caused by artificial fabrics. Cotton kurtis in India are available in an endless number of styles, colours, sizes and silhouettes and one can choose from anarkalis, angarkhas, cotton long kurtis, a-line cotton kurtis, c-cutkurtis and more. Hand block prints, digital prints, abstract prints and others are also available in cottons. You can also opt for dresses with delicate embroideries and detailing for evening look.

2) Khadi

Khadi is a hand-woven cloth mainly crafted out of cotton, silk or wool fabrics. This fabric is spun on a charkha and is widely sought after by designers across the globe. I wake on achieving Independence, the khadi movement was started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in India. Thus, khadi kurtis and suit sets give us a vibe of our rich cultural history and pre-independence struggle. Online designer suits in khadi are super comfortable for summers due to their breathable texture and lightweight. A plethora of designs and colours can be found in khadi dresses online.

3) Rayon

Rayon is another ultimatum for summers as it keeps you cool in the heat. Rayon dresses are known for their soft, smooth, comfortable and highly spongy qualities that make them a hit in the sunny days. This man-made fabric is manufactured from naturally occurring polymers. Rayon suits can duplicate the texture and feel of cotton, linen and silk kurtis. When it comes to wide-legged pants worn with kurtis, rayon fabric is highly preferred in the India due to its flowing and soft texture. Even indo-western dresses for females are now being largely made out of rayon.

4) Linen

Linen is a hit when it comes to women’s kurtis, skirts, tops and men’s shirts. This fabric is crafted from the fibres of the flax plant and is treasured for its soothing properties. Linen has high natural lustre and the colours range between cool shades of ivory, cream, grey, peach etc. Linen online designer suits are available in a range of styles and patterns that leave women spoilt for choice. It is also known for its durable and strong quality. The fabric is stronger when wet than dry.

5) Silk

Silk fabric is known for its absorbing properties that make it another widespread pick for the Indian summers. This fabric was first developed in China from natural protein fibre. Silk dresses are not only comfortable but also make you look luxurious and glamorous effortlessly. The glossy texture of silk fabric makes it an impeccable choice for evening galas, functions and other occasions. You can also shop for silk skirts and bottoms to beat the summer heat.

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Top 5 Colors of Kurtis to Own This Summer

Indian kurtis are a timeless fashion trend every season. They’re revered and cherished by fashion forward ladies across the globe, especially in the hot sultry summers due to their easy to carry properties. This summer season colours are going to traverse you to a sunnier place. As the sweltering hot weather sets in, soothing colours become a fad. From soft pastels to deep bright blues, cotton anarkali kurtis online shopping offers you a variety of colours to choose from. Here are the top 5 colours of kurtis you must invest in this summer!


What better than the most soothing colour to begin with! Whites are synonymous with peace, serenity and calmness. Many fancy kurtis online can be seen in whites and off-whites that reflect class. A simple kurti also becomes extremely graceful when deigned from a white fabric. Markets are flooded kurtis, suits, kurtas, skirts and tunics in shades of white, due to their soothing properties. This colour redefines the beauty of women in a totally altered context.


Pale yellows look utterly gorgeous and compliment the sunny days perfectly.

Nothing screams summer like a pale yellow cotton anarkali kurti. Yellow chanderi kurtis invoke a sense of warmth and vigour. It’s the happy and cheerful colour of the season. You can also shop for the brighter shades from the yellow family if you’re looking to make a bold style statement. Pair this shade with creamy and off-white colours for a sophisticated finish.


Pink is the power colour for girls. This feminine and chic colour represents youthfulness. A bold pink kurti is all that you need to turn heads and leave a lasting impression. While shopping for ladies salwar suits online, you’ll find pink in abundance and all for good reasons. You can also go for lighter pale pink which conveys serenity like a blushing cheek or a calm sunset. Kurtis and kurtas available in shades from the pink family look totally majestic like the culture of India. A pink kurti is best paired with whites and creams.


Kurtis and suit sets in striking shades of blue add a new dimension to your wardrobe. Cotton anarkali kurtis online in this shade are perfect for the days when you wish to dress it up and go all audacious for an evening look. You can also opt for lighter and softer hues of blue for a casual brunch look or college wear. This urbane and fun colour will take you from breakfast to bars effortlessly.


Burgundy is the colour for the lady with class and swank. Burgundy chanderi kurtis make an impeccable choice for a classy evening party or a gala. This colour can effortlessly turn any dull outfit into designer apparel that looks like straight out from a glam magazine. You can pair versatile burgundy kurtis with off-whites and soft cream colours.

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Why Designer Suits Online Are a Blessing for Women

A salwar suit is a traditional Indian dress comprising three elements – salwar, kurta and a dupatta or scarf. Designers have reinvented the traditional salwar suits to suit every occasion and tastes of contemporary women. Designer salwar suits are a rage amongst the fashion forward women of north India. While the plethora of new trends and styles in salwar suits can be overwhelming, it could get nearly impossible to keep a check on the upcoming trends in the ever-changing world of fashion. This is where the online fashion world comes to our rescue. With all things going online, one can easily keep a check on the latest styles from any part of the world. A whole lot of styles and silhouettes of designer salwar kameez are presented before you on just a click!

Here are a few reasons why online shopping of designer suits is a blessing.

1) Genuine prices

Designer salwar kameez online are available in a range of prices to suit every budget. While assuring you easy style and great comfort, salwar suits available online don’t weigh down on your wallet and leave you fashionably content. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for the style that suits your budget. One can buy designer salwar suits online on just a click, from almost anywhere in the world and stay up-to-date with fashion trends. It also becomes easier to compare prices of different brands, all at one place.

2) Quality

Designer suits are crafted from the finest quality fabrics. The online brands sell fashionable kurtis made from fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, khadi, chiffon and cambric that keep you fresh all day long. These fabrics are not only stylish but also pure, durable and don’t compromise with the comfort of its users, unlike the synthetic fabrics.

3) Endless Stylish varieties

The online labels offer a range of designer salwar kameez that leave you spoilt for choice. Various printed suits are available in typical Indian motifs of leaves, flowers, fruits, etc which are both striking and mesmerizing. Embroideries like gota patti, zari,aari tari, etc. are also done on the suits to make them an impeccable choice for evening parties and weddings. Other than designer suits, the online fashion world also offers a range of kurtis, kurtas and tunics.

4) Easy Return Policy

Although designer suits online assure you of great quality and value, there are many times when customers end up dissatisfied with size or change your mind for a product. In such cases, online stores also provide an easy return policy. You can easily return designer salwar suits that arrived damaged for another product or full refund. It is advisable to check a brand’s return policy thoroughly before buying a salwar suit.

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Cotton Kurti Styles to Own This Spring/Summer Season

Cotton kurtis are an evergreen trend in the world of fashion. They’re revered and cherished by fashion forward ladies across the globe, especially in the hot sultry summers due to their breezy and lightweight qualities. Designers have time and again crafted fashionable salwar suits, tunics and more from the cotton fabric that lets the skin breathe and stay fresh all day long. Even indo-western suits are now being manufactured from the comfy cottons and khadis. What makes cotton preferred over synthetics are its easy to carry and frivolous characteristics. Here are the 5 kurti styles to own this summer!

1) Printed

Prints come in a variety of colors and reflect the mood of the wearer.

One can choose from paisley prints, abstract prints, geometric prints, etc. Floral printed cotton salwar kameez and kurtis make an impeccable choice for casual hangouts and afternoon parties. Printed cotton kurtis not only let your skin breathe easy but also amp up your style game so effortlessly. If you wish to look slimmer, shop for smaller printed cotton kurtis or suits.

2) Anarkali

Anarkali cotton kurti style is adopted from the ancient period of Maharajas and Maharanis. Cotton anarkali kurtis fit stiff from above the waist and fall loosely below the waist. The special feature of these kurtis is that they do not have a slit such that the bottom looks like a lehenga or a flowing skirt. Cotton anarkali kurtis make a great option for the wedding. The flair of an anarkali kurti can be custom-made to suit personal preference and occasion.

3) Contemporary Style

Another must own cotton kurti is the contemporary one. Contemporary kurtis give you a trendy look and ace up your fashion quotient instantly. These kurtis make a perfect choice for college wear, evening wear and casual outings. Prints like geometric prints and digital prints can be seen frequently on a contemporary cotton kurti. Such kurtis are best paired with skinny jeans, leggings and heels.

4) Long and flowing kurtis

Designer kurtis online are available in a range of style and silhouettes but the one style that has made an impeccable mark on the fashion world is a typical long cotton kurti. Long kurtis are quintessentially feminine and effortlessly amp up the style quotient. They are best paired with wide-legged pants, cigarette pants or jeans. This style is a must have and can be your rescue for every occasion, be it a party or a hangout.

5) Short and bright Style

Short kurtis are totally fun and feminine. While shopping for kurtis online, you’ll come across a number of short cotton kurtis that are perfect for college going girls. A short and bright kurti is best paired with jeans or Patiala salwar.

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Best Tips to Buy Ladies Ethnic Indian Wear for 2016

Each year ushers in new trends on the fashion scenario and 2016 is no exception; whether it is online ethnic wear for girls that you wish to buy or the latest in western outfits, being updated with the latest trends will give you a definite edge. With the festive season being just around the corner, you would surely want to buy ladies ethnic Indian wear for looking your best for the upcoming traditional events and weddings.

Here are some tips to help you take the best picks while shopping in markets as well as online ethnic wear for girls:

Kurtis rock the popularity charts

If you are looking for such options in ethnic wear that combine elegance, comfort and versatility, kurtis fit the tab perfectly. At the same time, when you buy ladies ethnic Indian wear kurtis in 2016, the idea is to go beyond the conventions and experiment with the bold look. Look for unique cuts and styles which can be created by having these customized. Deep necklines, revealing back and sexy sleeve styles make good ideas to style up the otherwise simple-looking kurtis.

Fall in love with elegant gowns

The traditional Indian garments have evolved over a period of time, combining gorgeous ethnic patterns and embroideries with western cuts. The best example of fusion dresses is the traditional evening gown, which brings together the best of Indian and Western fashion. In fact party wear gowns make one of the best sellers in online ethnic wear for girls.

Get sensuous with crop blouses

In 2016, the conventional Indian blouse is passé as it has now been replaced with the sexy, belly baring crop blouses which make you look ultra-sensuous. This trend in ethnic wear for girls has been endorsed by several popular Bollywood divas, leading to these short blouses with sarees and lehangas becoming an instant rage amongst women of all ages and body types. A crop blouse combined with a churidar or palazzo pants is an innovative fusion outfit which has been spotted on the ramps this season.

Focus on your back

Whether it is a saree blouse, an anarkali suit, an evening gown or a kurti, all the focus is on sexy, designer back designs. Make sure that you fetch many envious glances this year with these sensuous designs that enhance your back.

Heavy accessories

This year, the trend is to grab all the attention with heavy jewelry and accessories to redefine your festive look. Statement necklaces, dangling earrings, nose rings, colorful bangles and voluminous waist bands… all are in vogue. Step out like a diva by teaming your online ethnic wear with some stunning accessories.

To Buy ladies ethnic Indian wear in latest styles and designs, log in to Lurap and grab a discount of 15% using coupon code ETHNIC15. Get an unmatched variety ion ethnic wear in sizes up to 5 XL. Shop with easy pay options of COD and EMIs (on buying products exceeding INR 4000 in India)

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What Does a Real Lady Crave for?

A Real Lady craves for a few things and if you are able to decipher that, you are good to go. Otherwise you may suffer in silence. After all, understanding women is a sign of intelligence on the part of men and those who are able to do that are the lucky, happy people. So, anyone out there got ideas what a Real Lady wants? This article focuses on several tips regarding that.

Here goes:

Respect: Every Real Lady craves for a feeling of importance. In fact, it is respect from people she wants. She needs it for fueling her soul and being. So give it to her and she will pay it back to you. Not only men need it; women demand it too.

Love: All Real Ladies need recognition and attention from time to time. They need to feel the sparks of love and the fact that they are loved. If you can’t confront them, a gift saying “With love” or an email or text of a similar kind is fine. Love your lady selflessly and make it known to her.

Good Manners: Every Real Lady will be over the moon to find that her significant other treats her very well, just the way she likes. She will be blabbering about it proudly to her girlfriends. So dear man, behave properly and show good courtesies. It will pay off very well. That way the bond gets closer and you thrive high.

Taking Vacations: If you and your lady are both working hard to run the family, it is a wise decision to take a summer or winter break and go on a vacation with your kids. Find out on the web some beautiful places that you can visit. You and your family will grow and their outlook will broaden and expand. So do it occasionally. Make it the best ever vacation every time.

Helping your Lady with Chores: It becomes exhausting for a Lady to do all the chores after a family burgeons. She has to take care of the house maintenance, cooking, washing and cleaning and above all, the kids’ welfare. Teach your kids to share some of the chores. Also you lend a helping hand to your Lady. A Lady cannot do it all by herself. She will be happy and love you more if you extend a helping hand willingly and graciously. You will see her smile even more and that is what you will love.

Family Discussions: There should be selective time for family discussions. Each member gets to have their say and you will also come to know what your lady’s preferences are regarding various stuff. You get to measure the pros and cons of every issue and take a decision with the approval of your lady. Then everything should fall into place. These discussions are so vital that they should be held once a month, if not weekly. You become well aware of what is going on around and solving family problems makes you really feel like a man.

“Me Times” for Your Lady: Your lady will need space from time to time and demand “me times” to spend some luxury time all by herself. Allow her that and she will appreciate. She might want to read a novel all by herself or spend some time in the parlor doing pedicure, manicure or simply getting a new haircut. Give all the space she needs and the both of you will eventually be closer.

Summing up, these are a few things a Real Lady would ask for. There’s nothing to bargain in it. She deserves all of what I talked about. So give them to her and you will be smiling and feeling happy too.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, highlighting what a Real Lady would demand from her man.

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Women, Unleash Your Curvaceous Confidence!

As women we don’t have to hide our curves. If you have them flaunt them! Any time you are working on becoming a better version of yourself you must have a healthy self-esteem. That means you feel good on the inside. You can’t let your thighs or your hips make you feel uncomfortable or rob you of your confidence.

Even after losing weight many of us still have curves. And that is not a bad thing. Work what God blessed you with! Feel good about yourself, and feel good about the amazing, beautiful and curvy woman you are. Life is not about us trying to fit a mold that society has put us in. Not every woman is built the same or wants to weigh the same. Be yourself!

When you walk in a room carry yourself powerful. Make the environment more phenomenal just because you have entered it. Don’t be concerned about what others think. It is not what they think about you that even matters. It is what you think about yourself that matters.

The great thing about having curvaceous confidence is that even if you are working on losing weight, curvaceous confidence helps you to be happy and confident right where you are at. You realize right now (regardless of your size) that you are currently great not when the weight falls off. You are awesome right now, and you are simply working on becoming more awesome! Never judge your beauty by the scale, never let pounds dictate your worthiness and love yourself unconditionally… no matter what!

When you unleash your curvaceous confidence things just don’t change externally, but internally as well. You can wake up happier and feel more peaceful in life. You don’t feel overwhelmed because you are trying to fit into a mold you were never created to fit in. And you can experience living happier on a whole new level. So go ahead and give it a try. Unleash your curvaceous confidence and live your life to the fullest!

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez, Ph.D. is a Certified Health Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach and a Certified Weight Management Specialist. She is also the founder of The Weight Success Institute for Women, a holistic weight loss and weight management organization for women.

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